This privacy policy was last modified: 2017-04-30

Games - our games (including: Math for Kids with Simon & Alex series and Lite versions of these games)
Websites - our websites (including:
Services - our Games and Services

Our Websites are prepared just for parents to get know about our Games and this privacy policy, while our Games are for everyone.
We do our best to keep our Games friendly to everyone, especially to kids, as much as possible.

In this privacy policy we describe what kind information we may collect of you when you use our Services, for what purposes and how we use such information.
If you don’t agree with the terms of this privacy policy, you may not access or use our Services.

No personal information is collected
We do not knowingly or intentionally collect any personal information.

No ads
Our Services do not have any third-party ads.
However in free versions of our own games we may contain links to full versions of our games, in such situation we may implement some kind of parental gate before entering marketplace.

No social media integration
Our Services do not contain any social media integrations.

No push notifications
We do not use any push notifications.

No internet connection required
In our games, we do not require internet connection. You can always play offline if you wish. Also to feel more safe you have always option to disable internet connection in your device.
However internet connection may be needed when you want to check informations for parents or to check full version of game in marketplace.

Children's privacy
We do not knowingly or intentionally collect any personal information from children.
If you have actual knowledge that we might collect some information from your child, please contact us and we’ll check it and remove immediately.

Third-party technology we use
We use Unity Engine to build our games. You can access the Unity privacy policy here:
The automatic collection of unique device identifiers and hardware statistics by the Unity game engine has been disabled by option provided in Unity Engine.
We do not use any Unity Ads, Analytics or other data collecting services.

E-mail address
In case you contact us by email - we will use your email address only to reply to your question.

Changes to this privacy policy
We reserve the right to change this privacy policy from time to time without prior notice to users of our Services.

Contact information
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